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While there are many excellent Korean War websites on the web, we would never discount what they did or in any way take away from their experiences and dues for their service during that time!

Often called "The Forgotten War", and even though it was technically called a "Conflict" or "UN Police Action", IT WAS WAR, plain and simple!

To me personally, war is when our country puts it's military at a place, at a time where they knew that those there would risk being killed by those that opposed them. Some times, such as the early 50's it was called something other than war because of politics, laws or social times when they occurred, but it was still WAR! Why not call it what it was! Look at the "war on drugs", "war on crime" and other "wars". Why should they be called war and not those wars where our military was sent and went at the behest of our country's government and for the reason of patriotism and duty for that county!

This WAR in Korea lasted even after the signing of the armistice, although at a lessor scale and worse in some years than others, it continued still the same with too many getting killed during and after the cease fire to end it was agreed upon.

Many of the 1950's Korean Veterans have now passed, and we honor them that were there even though they are not still here to know it and we honor those that are still here. This is their area on our site. Participate as you wish in this as well as any other site that shows thanks to you or allows you to reconnect with your past and friends.

The 51st Signal Battalion was there then and after and served honorably both before and after as a Battalion, often with little to no recognition for their services and accomplishments. It remains in existence (although not still in Korea) was there then and a number of years after - doing it's duties of providing the total area I Corp (GP) with their communications, from the DMZ down and for those Divisions and units that were under I Corps (GP).

Speak up, say hi, I'm still here. Speak of your friends and relatives that served during that time. Speak or your experiences if you choose. We thank you for your service to our country and to all veterans who did what was asked of them!

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Yep, I am still here...Ray Talamantez , 57th Field Artillery Battalion, 7th Division, Korea, 1951-1952.....have a little story, keep reading it definitely relates to Korea!

35 years ago, my mother gave me the letter from my great-grandfather, Antonio Sanchez, who was an Indian Scout during the late 1800's at Fort Clark, Texas. The letter had been posted at Fort Ringold, Texas in 1896 to his wife, Delfina. In the letter he mentioned a close friend (compadre) named Julian Longoria. We never knew who Longoria was. We recently ran into an historian at Fort Clark, Texas and he knew who Longoria was: he was also an Indian Scout with my great- grandfather and Longoria's great-grandson lives in Uvalde, Texas. we decided to visit him..

The gentleman shared information and photos he of his great-grandfather and during the conversation he asked me to repeat my name. I did and he said, "I know you! We sat together on Thanksgiving Day, i951 in Korea where we had mass out in a field with Cardinal Spellman. We talked for awhile, then after services we were loaded into trucks and returned to our own companies. I never saw you again until today!"

Both of us were in wife and I still can't get over think that a letter written in 1896 which demonstrated a connection between two Indian Scouts in the late 1800's also provided a connection in 2013 between the descendants of these two men dating back 62 years to a battlefield church service in Korea.

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We are so honored that you have shared your story with us. So many times those memories are lost forever and they certainly should not be. So we thank you for sharing! One vet to another.

I am personally touched by your story and how you came about to finally meet back of with another that was there when you were.

Only those that were at one time in an area where great pressures were put on you while serving their country can appreciate running across someone that also shared them, be it combat or other.

You are certainly welcome to relay anything else that you chose to of yourself or others you served with any experiences that you relish.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, from both for those that came after you and hopefully from the many that never even knew their benefit from your service.

Lynn Morris
51st Signal Battalion, Korea
USArmy (Ret)

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